Why Cuvee? by Meilyn Nelson

With so many gorgeous venues in the city, how does one choose? Here's a long list of historic venues: http://www.marriedinmilwaukee.com/historic-venues

Although with one look at the ceiling heights, cream city brick, 3rd floor privacy, stunning built-in bar, it's a no-brainer to me. 


It's all about the budget by Meilyn Nelson

Ever wonder what a Cuvee wedding costs? Well, it's all in the details! Check out how this bride designed her perfect day:


With some of our favorite, top-notch vendors and her gorgeously-styled accents, this bride kept her eye on her budget and had an absolutely beautiful event. 

Cuvee Packed After Republican Debate in Milwaukee by Meilyn Nelson

(From FamousMKE, November 10 2015)

Milwaukee will go down in history as the site of the latest Republican debate tonight AND the site of FamousDC’s latest gathering last night. Toasts over bubbly at our fantastic rustic chic venue Cuveè flew through the room all evening amid conversations struck up between national media reporters, presidential campaign staff, Republican and Democratic rockstars, and other influencers. (More...)